Store Window LED Displays

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Store Window LED Displays


Pixel Pitch:

*P1.9mm ,P2.6mm ,P3.1mm ,P3.9mm ,P4.8mm ,P5.9mm ;

l  Pixel configuration: 3 in 1

l  Brightness: 800nits~1200nits adjustable

l  Refresh rate:  1920Hz ~3840 Hz

l  Panels dimension :750mm x 250mm x40mm,  1000mm x 250mmx40mm.

Creative , it is able to be LED triangular prism billboard 、LED Hexagonal prism billboard、LED Cylinder billboard at the window /door of the store,and it can be fixed on the ceiling of the shop or the exhibition hall


Fast mounting & Seamless  for the video wall 

Full front serviceable maintenance by magnets; and it is easily to be front fixed installation on the wall.


Such store window LED billboards are equipped with angle, to realize creative installations.