LED Display Brightness & Viewing Angle

- Feb 05, 2014 -


Usually, Brightness of LED display is calculated by means of a numerical value in NITs or CD/(short for candela per square meter ). One NIT is defined as unit of illuminative brightness. The higher the number of NITs, the brighter the display. Generally speaking, Indoor LED display screen brightness is about 800~2000nits. Outdoor requires more than 5000nits.

Viewing Angle
LED Diodes can emit a single, narrow beam of light like a flashlight, or they can generate a wide array across a room like a light bulb. Diodes output about the same amount of light no matter what type they are - but the "high-beam" diodes with a narrow angle focus more light into one small spot, whereas the "wide angle" diodes spread their light across the horizon.

Generally speaking:

● for DIP LED display, the viewing angle is 110°/60°, horizontally and vertically

● for SMD LED display, the viewing angle is 140°/140°, horizontally and vertically

Matrix Displays has special solution for 180°/180°viewing degree, no brightness loss and color difference at any viewing angle.

With wide viewing angle LEDs, the image is visible in consistent brightness and uniform colors throughout the entire viewing range of the display.


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