500 10.41mm LED Curtain Used For JAZZ Fest

- Mar 29, 2017 -

Around 500 panels of 10.41mm transparent light weight LED Mesh Curtains were used for JAZZ Festival in USA. It was a big success, a carnival for the music fans. 

Key features:

● 10.41mm pixel pitch, made by Nationstar 3535 3 in 1 full color SMD

● Outdoor weather proof, all the parts of stainless, suitable for rainy costal weather.

● Transparent; sounds from the rear speakers could be passed easily.

● Light weight and easy to install.

It is one of the hottest product since the moment introduced to market, due to its smart design, practical use, and durable quality. 

Before shipment, all the LED displays are aging tested at least 72 hours.


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