Digital LED Billboards

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Brightish System, for North American market mainly.

The panel size of Digital LED billboards from Matrix Displays, is 3 feet*3 feet, 4 feet * 4 feet. all based on Brightish System, for easy understanding and calculation. 

The meansurements based on Metric Systems, meters, minimeters, always cause confusion to users in North American.

image.png 6000 to 10000nit brightness

Clear image against sunshine; and the digital LED billboards are equipped with auto-dimming brigtness sensor, able to adjust the brightnenss according the environment.image.png

Easy front access service

 Easy to learn how to service, even for user without previous experience.

The modules, power supplies, data receiving cards, etc., all are able to be removed from front side.It is also able to be rear serviced like the traditional LED billboards.


Various pixel pitch available

For outdoor digital LED billboards, optional pixel pitches are:

SMD: 6.35mm, 7.62mm, 8.42mm, 10.14mm

DIP: 10.14mm, 12.7mm, 16.93mm 


Multiple choices for installation, widely used in Advertising media, super mall, school, Government, Trading conversation, Commodity fair, Exhibition, Cinema , Meeting room, Airport, Hotel, Station Hall and other Public Places.