3D hologram fan is an advertising device that uses LED light beam to rotate display and utilizes the principle of human visual retention to form graphics, animation and video. Portable, reasonable priced, and what's more, impressive vivid video quality.

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Product Details

Without borders and transparent background, the 42cm 3D hologram fan, is able to give audience a three-dimensional immersive visual experience. And due to its similar appearance to the traditional fans, it is also called "3D hologram fan", "LED dazzle screen" and so on. This product first appeared at the International Consumer Electronics Show(CES) in Vegas, USA in 2016.

Widely used in many applications, shopping malls, stores, super markets, cinemas, schools, etc. 

Affordable price, but impressive video quality, a good choice for advertising, to draw people's attention. 

1)LED pixels 

2)TF card slot

3)DC power input

4) fixation base

Other key parameters









Viewing angle


 Input voltage








 Rated power


 Shell material


 Standardstorage space




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